Natalja Jugai
dental technician, product manager, partner

Graduated from Tallinn Health Care College as a dental technician (cum laude) in 2008. Natalja has a long-time experience in fabrication of crowns and bridges with different implantation systems. Natalja’s main field of work involves ceramic aesthetic veneers, dental crowns and bridges, and zirconia dental crowns and bridges.

Natalja has worked as a dental technician and technician’s assistant since 2004, has participated in refresher trainings in Estonia and abroad, and carried out courses herself. In addition to work as a dental technician, Natalja’s field of responsibility at Nordic Dental Laboratory is product management.

Heleri Arula
dental technician, partner

Graduated from Tallinn Health Care College as a dental technician (cum laude) in 2009. Has worked as a dental technician since 2005. Heleri is a dental technician with very good hand-skills, who’s speciality is fabrication of aesthetic all-ceramic dentures on dental cores, as well as on different implant-abutment systems. Heleri has participated in many refresher trainings aimed at dental technicians, and has given lectures as a guest lecturer at Tallinn Health Care College for dental technicians in intensive training and fixed dentures. Research paper scholarship 2008 1st place for “Studying the Mechanic Properties of Cold and Hot Polymerising Meliodent Acrylic Used in Acrylic Dentures”.

Work experience:
September 2005 - May 2013 Citylab denture laboratory (Citymed AS);
June - December 2013 OÜ Viru Hambalabor;
2014 - ... Nordic Hambalabor OÜ

Maarja Märdin
dental technician

Graduated from Tallinn Health Care College as a dental technician in 2015, but has worked in our lab since autumn 2014. Maarja fabricates all-ceramic crowns for us. Maarja is a young dental technician with excellent theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Madis Eskusson
sales, marketing, financial management, partner

Madis graduated from University of Tartu School of Law, and has worked as a solicitor in credit management and financial companies since 2007. Madis has previous company management experience in medical sector, he has been a partner and a member of the management board at Nordic Medicine OÜ – a company that deals with medical tourism. Madis’s area of responsibility at Nordic Hambalabor OÜ is organisation of sales and marketing, and financial management.

Evelin Aunapuu
dental technician
Urmas Plinkner